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Dr. Carol's Book Endorsements

The P.R.I.D.E. Factor

How To Bounce Back When You Think You Can't

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"In this deeply moving book Carol Munschauer and Dave Hood nudge contemporary psychoanalytic research out of the consulting room and gently transform it into parental sensibility that not only fosters children's unique growth and development, but also infuses us with innovative ways to revitalize our lives in the face of obstacles, tragedy, and the bumps and bruises of everyday life. Far from being another pop psychology book, the authors introduce novel and elegant metaphors that allow us to see, hear, and experience our children's and our own actions and thoughts through new and expanding lenses -- creatively, empathetically, and humanely. Munschauer and Hood write eloquently and their everyday case histories, as well as their own histories, resonate with our deepest life concerns. It is the only book of its kind that imbues life with optimism, hope, and renewal while being solidly rooted in sound clinical theory."
~ Richard Geist, Ed. D., Faculty, Massachusetts Institute for Psychoanalysis and Harvard Medical School

"This book provides important lessons for cancer patients to maintain hope and to see that there is light when all seems dark."
~ Stephen B. Edge, MD, FACS
Chair, Breast and Soft Tissue Surgery
Medical Director, Breast Center
Roswell Park Cancer Institute

"A wonderfully positive book about bouncing back from tragedy and set backs. The many inspiring stories and thoughts in this book are a witness to the resilience of the human spirit. We all need to hear the message in this book because we all hit those 'lows' in life and then need to dig down deep into the well of our own resilience as children of God. A very personable and delightful work to read."
~ Rev. Stephen J. Rossetti, PhD DMin
President, Saint Luke Institute

"The P.R.I.D.E. Factor is an absolutely phenomenal book. I was awed by all the helpful messages each chapter conveyed. I only wish I had read a book such as this one earlier in my life, for example when my husband died and my children were age three and four. Even now I still gained much from reading this remarkable book. It is educational, practical and inspirational as well; good for every mother and in fact every person to digest and learn from. It gives one so much food for thought. It answers questions that one has doubts about and one learns that nothing is impossible. Thank you Dr. Munschauer and Dave Hood for this wonderful book. It's a real winner! I'm going to read it again!"
~ Jeanne Forell, Mother, Grandmother
Volunteer and NE YMCA social planner

"I enjoyed reading How to Bounce Back, especially as it interweaves the two separate visions of Carol, the psychoanalyst, and Dave, the film-maker. These visions come together as Carol utilizes the Dave stories to illustrate resilience, energy, vitality, and positivity in facing life's challenges and upsets. As a practicing psychoanalyst of a modern bent, I appreciate how Dr. Munschauer has integrated some of the most important contributions of contemporary practice into her P.R.I.D.E. factor and into the psychological food pyramid, presenting them in clear, useful language that will help families and children to surmount the difficulties with which we are all inevitably confronted."
~ Andrew P. Morrison, M.D. psychiatrist and psychoanalyst;
author of The Culture of Shame

"This delightful book uses stories, examples, and gentle humor to present complex psychoanalytic ideas to a general audience. Dr. Munschauer suggests crucial strategies to help us "bounce back" despite life’s disappointments and reversals, and proposes ‘Five Psychological Food Groups’ to nourish our vitality in the process. A leading psychoanalyst and self-psychologist, Dr. Munschauer uses her expertise to distill seminal psychoanalytic ideas and write about them with clarity and simplicity."
~ Linda F. Pessar, M.D., Professor of Clinical Psychiatry,
State University of New York at Buffalo
School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences
Distinguished Fellow, American Psychiatric Association

"The P.R.I.D.E. Factor skillfully integrates the author's personal experiences with wise council for a healthy life. Written with enthusiasm and humility the book both explains to us and shows us through stories the power of resilience and how to create it in our lives."
~ Frederic Luskin, Ph.D., author of Forgive for Good and Stress Free for Good

"This book has helped me make great strides in the problem I have had with my need for perfection. I was always accommodating to the needs of others, and as a result, I suffered undue stress, shame and anxiety whenever I disappointed anyone. Reading the cases in this book, and learning the principles of The P.R.I.D.E. Factor, released me from the curse of always feeling bad about myself whenever I followed my own ideas. It gave me the emotional independence I needed to be my ‘True Self.’ My ‘step is lighter’ and I am not so hard on myself. People close to me can see the difference."
~ Christian Phoenix, Special Education Teacher

"The P.R.I.D.E. Factor offers the reader a chance to become free of the bondage associated with pain, hurt and suffering. I have seen, first hand, in my work as a priest, counselor and law enforcement chaplain that the principles of this book work. I have been deep in the pit of Ground Zero. I have been steeped in the fear and terror of emergency rooms. I have often been called to people’s homes to intervene in a crisis such as trying to prevent a potential suicide, helping a family to bear some unbearable grief, or trying to move them through some other emotional pain from which they could see no light at the end of their dark tunnel. The tools I learned in this book gave me new ways of healing to add to my armamentarium, especially in dealing with people’s shame and guilt feelings. One of the most vivid examples emblazoned in my memory is having been able to release a firefighter from his guilt land shame in his final hours as he was pinned under debris. The principles set forth in this book can truly be life giving; as a life, no matter how long it is, lived buried in shame and guilt, is no life at all."
~ Fr. Joe Moreno, World Trade Center/Ground Zero Chaplain

"I want to say what an achievement I think this book is. It is a captivating blend of contemporary psychoanalytic thought and issues about resilience that concern us all. It is rich with stories and examples of adults who have ‘bounced back’ despite incredible odds, and guidance for parents on how to raise children who are prepared to do so in their own lives. I think that all parents would find this book inspirational. This book is also presented in a clear, engaging and up-beat tone. Although it is rich with sound information, it is written in a language that is easily understood and accessible to the lay person. I, myself, have had formal training in the concepts presented within and have treated both adults and children who faced the challenge of ‘bouncing back.’ The use of vocabulary that lay people can understand and work with is a real contribution, but mostly what I loved about this book is that it made me happy!"
~ Margot Garfield, LICSW (Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker),
M.Ed., Advanced Candidate in Psychoanalysis

"As a Superior of a religious community, I found that the focus on resilience and the capacity to ‘bounce back’ are both essential for the psychological of the individual and also for the well being of a community. The principles presented in this book have helped me manage many difficult human situations with increased confidence."
~ Fr. Patrick Lynch, S.J., Rector of the Jesuit Community of Canisius College

"This uplifting little book offers an impressive model of useable inspiration for coping with the ordinary and extraordinary adversities of life. Based upon highly-regarded principles of contemporary relational and self psychology, the model proffered by Dr. Munschauer and Dave Hood demonstrates in example after example how the application of these principles can enable us to effectively confront pessimism, despair, defeat, and shame, and also to take definitive steps to transform them into optimism, hope, success and pride."
~ Howard A. Bacal, M.D., Training and Supervising Analyst,
Institute of Contemporary Psychoanalysis and
Southern California Psychoanalytic Institute

"Friends and educators have always asked me for a book that explains for non-professionals, the principles that guide my approach to child development and adult treatment. Now I have a book to recommend! Dr. Munschauer and Dave Hood have hailed the important truth that the key to success lies not in being emotionally vulnerable or ‘above it all,’ but ‘in being resilient.’"
~ Lester Lenoff, Faculty, Training and Research Institute for Self Psychology, Postgraduate Center for Mental Health,
Training Program in Analytic Group Therapy

"The P.R.I.D.E. Factor is a tremendous resource for all teachers who want to help their students (and themselves!) rebound from personal setbacks. Case studies, research summaries, and specific strategies make it both interesting and practical."
~ Rev. Michael P. Corcoran, S.J., Jesuit Education Teacher

"Dr. Munschauer, as a widely respected psychoanalyst and veteran of the most demanding cases, and inspired by children’s videographer Dave Hood, has reached down to the very core of her incredible erudition to come up with a literary product that is profound and yet simple all at the same time. Anyone who sees him or herself at the brink of disaster or heading in that direction must read, absorb and synthesize the wealth of information provided in this book."
~ James Bosley Kimberly, Award-Winning
Former Instructor, Dale Carnegie Training
("How to Win Friends and Influence People")

"Recently, I suffered a great deal of embarrassment and shame from an unfortunate incident in my life. I was very depressed about it. Then I read this book! It was a great source of hope and encouragement for me. It helped me to gain a better self-image in spite of the difficulties in my life at that time. I can now reflect on the good things that I have accomplished rather than dwell on one unfortunate incident that ‘shouldn’t have happened.’ Thank you Dr. Carol and Dave for this inspiring and very helpful book!"
~ Anonymous

"Thank you for the gift of wisdom I found in reading your book. That ‘oops’ mechanism, or control mechanism, is an incredible way to dispel the self-judgment, guilt and regret cycles that are built into our personal ‘book of rules’ and to get the ‘jump on the judge’ before the judge finds us guilty. What a great concept!"
~ Mark O’Connor

"I enjoyed it and it is not too often that I pick up a book and keep reading! The book is written in a simple, easy to understand style, with profound insights for peoples in all walks of life, who are looking for affirmation and support in their daily life. We all fall often, but the book shows how we can "bounce back" one more time, even "when YOU think YOU can't." Dr. Munschauer and Dave Hood teach us to have P.R.I.D.E. in ourselves, so that we might discover and celebrate what was missing in our personal lives."
~ Donald S. Fafinski

"Munschauer and Hood’s Pyramid of Relatedness is an especially helpful way of systematically assessing the areas in which one’s relationships are clustered and the places of gap or need. An illuminating exercise."
~ Harry Hunt, Ph.D., Professor of Psychology
Brock University, St. Catharine’s, Ontario Canada

"With its focus on the development of resilience in the face of shame, this book contributes importantly to our understanding of the psychological world of children. This creative merging of contemporary psychoanalytic ideas with inventive and playful learning, offers us a view of the developmental and psychological needs of both children and parents. The vignettes of parent-child interactions, difficulties and solutions provide some wonderful opportunities to understand how children can be helped to "bounce back."
~ Rosalind Chaplin Kindler, MFA, RDT, Dipl. TCPP
Psychoanalytic Child Therapist, Registered Drama Therapist,
Faculty, Toronto Child Psychoanalytic Program

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