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Why you Will Find More Comfort in Doctor Carol's New Conscierge Practice

I am proud to announce the opening of my new 'Concierge Practice'. I am the only clinical psychologist in town who holds a degree in psychoanalysis with such a guardedly private, personally customized approach to my patients unique needs.

As you may realize, confidentiality is a rapidly dwindling commodity today; medical diagnoses entered on insurance claims exist forever and become accessible to computer hackers, government navigators, the IRS, and sometimes the NSA. Witness the recent massive Anthem health insurance hack which exposed millions of customers details. Anthem is the United States second biggest health insurer.

Many articles predict that medical identity theft is often not immediately identified by patients or their provider, giving criminals years to milk such credentials. This makes medical date more valuable than credit cards, which tend to be quickly canceled by banks once fraud is detected. (http://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2015) This vulnerability can be especially troubling for high-profile celebrities, business or school officials, and individuals operating in the political arena. I can eliminate all of this exposure by billing my patients directly, circumventing information transfer and ensuring that your private records are secured in a 'database' equivalent to the security of a Brink's truck. Considering the economies of the city in which we live, I set fees which are consonant with those of other therapists who do not have the extra level of training I have been able to explore. See appendix on my website for further information on the new concierge service and its free 'perks'.

I follow the Self-Psychology approach which views treatment as a joint exploration (by equal partners) of one person's deepest feelings and life values rather than as the 'curing of a mental illness'. My focus is on what the patient actually thinks or perceives and not on what some other person (including a doctor) considers to be 'appropriate' or 'reality oriented', or even on what a doctor thinks the patient 'should' be feeling. This is done through ensured privacy and sustained inquiry consistent with empathic attunement rather than the focusing on impersonal judgments, reimbursable medical 'diagnoses', and 'level of impairment' in the DSM.

In appreciation of the seriousness of commitment shown by the patients who have turned to me, I offer extra effort and benefits. These include:
  • Guaranteed first visit within two weeks of contacting me
  • House calls as appropriate or needed
  • A phone availability at some designated time between sessions
  • One free assessment of the patient's partner or child with an ensuing recommendation
  • One free catch-up session offered one year after termination
You can learn more about me, my practice, and the Self-Psychology approach on my website at www.DrCarolonline.com. I can be reached via email at CMunschauerPhD@aol.com, or by calling my answering service at (716)835-8288 and asking them to page me (note: my answering service does not record messages).

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